Listen to Yourself, You May be Smarter Than You think!

Good evening!

How is everyone doing on the fine day?!

The weather here (Ohio) is perfect!

Hot and humid, perfect weather!

Yesterday was interesting, and today was also.

To be honest I have been in a really big funk.

I get these every once in a while.

I just don’t have the PASSION to run or bike or work out. But I think I am becoming better at understanding why.

This is how I want to feel, but my body is saying NO! This is frustrating!

1. I am tired and need a rest day

2. My “day” is near

3. I need to switch up my workout schedule  (change the days I bike, run, swim)

So back to yesterday.

I was planning on a 30 mile bike ride. Easy, simple, not really putting much into it.

Well my plan of 15 out and 15 back was cut short because of the fact what I thought was 15 out was only about 7.5 miles out. Mentally that did something to me. So I kinda found this 2 mile loop and did that.

Then I found this trail and it was more mountain biking trail than road bike trail. Making my speed drop and increasing my time. Two things I was not very happy about.

I love you but at the same time, the time was not good yesterday!!!

By the end of the ride I was more tired from trying to find a decent path that I stopped at about 22.5 miles.

I am not complaining about this time at all, it was just not what I was wanting.

Then today, I told myself.. “Elizabeth, take a rest day”

Well the devil on my left shoulder was louder and I did some strength and a mile run. I was just tired out.

So I didn’t listen to myself, which makes me upset with myself but I also was okay for at least doing something.

Well now I have some school work to do and to re-do my work out schedule!

Have a great rest of your day!!