The List

Hello hello hello!!

Wow I have not posted something in over a week! I give major props to those bloggers  who write 2-3 times a day!!

So I think we left off at my 6 mile adventure

Let us not wait a second, a list is in order!!

1. have gone on 2 20 mile bike rides. I am using biking as my cross training during 1/2 marathon and marathon training.

2. I bought a new toy 🙂 The Garmin 310xt. Let us rewind a few days when my Garmin 305 who has been by BFF for the last 2 years, past away. It was the saddest morning of my life! So I started to use Map My Run, which is a great application, but not a great application for me. So I spent $$$$$$$$$ to get this! Best financial choice ever! 😉



3. I did the most INSANE leg workout on Monday. INSANE.

4. Woke up Tuesday morning to REALLY sore legs and STUPIDLY ran 5 miles. During that Tuesday morning run everything else felt great (besides the legs) so I kept going and going. And when I stopped. Let’s just say some choice words were in order and Bruce had to help me stand up.

5. Speaking of Bruce we celebrated his 25th birthday on Tuesday!! He is getting so old 😉

6. I have converted Bruce to a runner. Hehe. (He secretly loves it!) So of course all of his gifts were running gear!

A. Running shorts

Do you think they are too short? He does. But he is still going to try them out.

B. Running Tank Top

To show off those arms!

C. Water bottle for running specifically

If you don’t have one of these. Go. Buy. One. Now.

D. Timex GPS watch

7. I also got him tickets to Kings Island also! We are going for 2 nights and going to have a blast.

8. Gift giving is fun, because secretly  this is everything I love to do. And by giving it to Bruce, we can both do it together now!

9. Now back to running.. I ran a 9 mile run. Not my best. Not my worst. Just ehh.

10. I am still in so much pain from Monday night that I could not run today. I could not even walk. I am not kidding one bit. If you want sore legs do this workout! (Pinterest! Follow me!)

11. I am planning on running tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers!

Now that you are all caught up, go check out my June picture page!

And I will be back to normal posting again!!


Sad and Busy

Good Afternoon!

How is the day going for you?

Mine has been super busy!

My normal routine has me waking up at about 5:00. This is a great time in the summer months because the sun is just about to peek through, which makes it great for getting my sweat on outside!

 I normally start working out about 5:30, and it takes me about 10 minutes to get to my workout location. It is super convenient.

So when I arrived at my destination this morning, I was really excited to run! You know that feeling? Well I was feeling it! I proceed to turn on my Garmin 305. Nothing. I tried again. Nothing. And again. Nothing. And one last time. Nothing.

I started to have a slight panic attack, and then I remembered I had my phone with a stop watch and I basically knew a route to get my 5 miles in.

So plan B occurred.

I am not a fan of plan b’s but better than nothing!

The Run

I felt really strong this morning, which was great since my last long run didn’t go to well.

I was strong, but I had no idea what my splits were. Which made me kinda upset. I am such a numbers person so not knowing literally killed me!

I know at my half way point (2.5) I was at like 21 minutes, which I was glad about!

I finished the run strong, and was pleased with my time!

43 min approx

5.25 miles


Then it got busy

Drive home make breakfast (egg whites, Great Harvest whole wheat bread, and watermelon)

Get cleaned up

Get my stuff together for the day

Drive to school

Have a food tour at school (Which was awesome! We went to a Kroger Bakery, and got a lot of products!!)

Walk about 3 miles to get lunch (bad idea)

Go to class

and repeat the last one 3 more times..

Long busy day!

How was your day? Busy? Relaxing? 

Any running? Walking? Biking? Other?