I Needed This One

Let us talk about yesterday.

It. Was. Awesome!

We decided to sleep in just a little bit because the weather we knew was going to be chilly, so instead of the regular 5:30, we started running around 8! So much nicer:)

Ready to go!

We also decided to try out a new trail.

This was not such a great idea for multiple reasons

1) The trail runs through the Ohio country side. Meaning, very boring.

2) It was windy and this course was wide open.

3) There were NO bathrooms on the course

This was the course.. look how straight it was!

Normally when we do our long runs we don’t run together, I pull head and run at the pace which is better for me. However I have been having issues where I will go out to fast and fatigue really bad at the halfway point. So yesterday I decided to stay with him for 2 miles.

This worked out great!

(Bruce does not have a GPS to know how far he is going, so I wear a bracelet and when the watches hits the half way part of the distance he is running, I lay the bracelet down so he knows:)

Once I pulled away my legs left really good, but mentally I was losing it. The course was so straight that I was begging to  see a hill or a curve or something!!

Boring but Beautiful!

Then I decided to turn on some music.

This helped me so much!

And the trail was starting to get full of people so that really helped a lot as well.

Once I made it to the halfway point I told myself to run the best 4 miles ever.

And you know what?

I did!

4-5 was really good I felt super strong

5-6 I was passing people (for some reason passing men makes me really happy!:)

6-7 I thought only one more mile! Then I realized I had 2. That split second thought made me slow down.. I need to work on that. But I picked the pace back up and busted out a 7:30!

7-8 I wanted to slow down, but I told myself if I did I was going to regret it, I did slow down for .25 just because I was in the heat of the sun and had NO WATER. But then I picked it right back up. And finished really strong.

I am going to pass you!

I was really proud of myself, because I kept reminding myself of my goals which I had set yesterday and I feel like I accomplished them!

Yesterday was a great running day and I am super proud of myself. This run was so needed!

Have a wonderful Sunday!