I am by far, not even close, and lightyears away from even calling myself an experienced racer. However, I have learned a few things with the races in which I have ran. Thus, I thought I would share these experiences!


Our Lady of Lords 5K (31:00)

The MaiZe 5k (Almost a DNF, 31:00)


Smiles for Meghan 5k (30:00)

Our Lady of Lords 5k (30:00)

The MaiZe 5k (30:00)


Snap Fitness 5k ( Placed 3rd overall, 24:35)

I was signed up to do my first ever 1/2 marathon, however I experienced major knee issues. These issues were minor compared to what I would be experiencing in the future!


The Flying Pig 10K (51:15)

Paddy’s Pig 10k (2nd in my age group, 51:45): This course the hilliest race I think I have ever ran. I will never sign up for it again!

The Great Urban Race (12th out of 200 some teams!): This was a mini Amazing Race in Columbus, OH. It was a blast and we are signed up for some more in 2012!

Octoberfest 4 miler (Ran with Bruce, his first race in a very long time!)

Columbus Half Marathon (1:50:45): This race will have its own recap, too much to tell!

Running is a sanctuary for me. It keeps me centered. I can’t take my cell phone or my computer. I can be unavailable and completely selfish. —Tanna Frederick, Stage and film actress


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