Necessary Items

When I go out for running, biking, walking, swimming, whatever the sport may be, I have items that I MUST take with me!


  • Mizuno Wave Rider 15. These are the BEST running shoe for me. I have gone through 5 pairs (Before I was wearing the 14).


  • Garmin 310 XT. Amazing watch. Will do whatever you want it to do basically. And it is wireless. I have to be 10 feet from my compter and it will pick up my workout and put in every crazy stat! It is awesome for people like me who love to breakdown everything! 


  • A good pair of running shorts. I love Nike and Reebok. I also wear the capris in the winter time which cut off at your knee. 
  • A wicking athletic tee. Before I started to run I just would wear an old T-shirt made from cotton. BIG mistake. I highly suggest investing in the wicking and cooling gear. It will make your run feel easier because you won’t be sweat through your clothes!

Long sleeve wicking!

  • Sun glasses. These are a huge must. I run in the morning a lot, so when the sun is just coming up it is super hard to see and it really hurts your eyes and then hurts your brain( The drama over here is intense 😉 ) I like glasses that slick back more and won’t bounce up and down on the bridge of my nose!

These are similar to mine. Sunglass are hard to take a picture of!


This is everything for running. I don’t listen to music so I think that covers everything!

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