When Fridays Feel More Like Mondays

Today was another one of those super busy days.

Up at 5:00.

Debate about going to the gym.

Bargain with myself,  “If you go to the gym, then you can get some cinnamon pita chips at school.”


It’s the little things in life:)

So made it to the gym.

The gym was good.

10 mile bike (long run tomorrow means gotta have fresh legs:)

20 minute arms and abs.


Rush home, eat, pack lunch, pack everything else, shower, run out the door.

I had a final this morning. I think I did good! 🙂 I always doubt myself.


Then the real fun started.

I got paid to go to school today!! How awesome is that?!

So today was the day when all of the students who are in the masters program for nutrition present their research. My boss was asked to be a judge, thus being her intern, I was able to go with her! Helping her out and following her around counted as work 🙂


Masters student who I helped, me, my boss. Mission Nutrition!

Side note: I helped one of the masters students in collecting research so I was mentioned in her presentation!

After the presentations I was able to study some. Boring.

So let us discuss tomorrows goals!

1. Just another 8 mile run.

2. Beat my 8 mile run time from last week (1:11:12).

3. Mentally do not give up at the half way point.

Does anyone do this? I have this really bad habit! 

4. Make sure to fuel better and not eat gels at random times

I think these goals are achievable tomorrow! What do you think?

Welp gotta get back to studying!

Have a wonderful evening!


Hunger, Routines, and How they Relate to Running

Good Afternoon!

I realize that I love food.

I realize that I stink at taking pictures of food.

I realize that I stink at describing my food.

However, I still love to talk about it!

This morning when I was prepping for my day, a thought came across my mind.

“Does my body signal hunger? Or is my body in a pattern of eating at certain times?”

I thought this would interesting to discuss, because as I have stated in my About page, I am a very healthy eater. I absolutely love food, but I enjoy food which is healthy, clean, and has a purpose for your body.

So when this thought entered my mind, I thought well..

7:00 am– Breakfast

12:00-12:30– Lunch

3:30-4:00– Snack

7:30– Dinner

9:00– Snack


That is really exact. This may seem boring or a lot of eating but 1) I have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar; it’s really bad). 2) I run

Okay back to my point…

The other day for example I was doing some work on my computer, I looked at the time, 4:05. My stomach was not making a noise. I didn’t feel hungry.

But after I thought all of this.

My stomach made a noise.

I felt hungry.


So basically from all of this thinking, I have concluded that the body does get into a routine just like our everyday life. We are routine type people. We like things a certain way. I feel that our bodies like things a certain way. If we have trained our body to be a certain way, it will work like clock-work most of the time.

I can relate this to running in many ways, and I am sure you can too. Training for a race takes preparation and a clock workroutine. The early morning runs, tempo, easy runs, speed work, all of these different elements are a routine in our training plans. There can be upsets, but most days we know what to expect.

So I think this answered my question!

Please expand!!

Have a wonderful evening!

Sad and Busy

Good Afternoon!

How is the day going for you?

Mine has been super busy!

My normal routine has me waking up at about 5:00. This is a great time in the summer months because the sun is just about to peek through, which makes it great for getting my sweat on outside!

 I normally start working out about 5:30, and it takes me about 10 minutes to get to my workout location. It is super convenient.

So when I arrived at my destination this morning, I was really excited to run! You know that feeling? Well I was feeling it! I proceed to turn on my Garmin 305. Nothing. I tried again. Nothing. And again. Nothing. And one last time. Nothing.

I started to have a slight panic attack, and then I remembered I had my phone with a stop watch and I basically knew a route to get my 5 miles in.

So plan B occurred.

I am not a fan of plan b’s but better than nothing!

The Run

I felt really strong this morning, which was great since my last long run didn’t go to well.

I was strong, but I had no idea what my splits were. Which made me kinda upset. I am such a numbers person so not knowing literally killed me!

I know at my half way point (2.5) I was at like 21 minutes, which I was glad about!

I finished the run strong, and was pleased with my time!

43 min approx

5.25 miles


Then it got busy

Drive home make breakfast (egg whites, Great Harvest whole wheat bread, and watermelon)

Get cleaned up

Get my stuff together for the day

Drive to school

Have a food tour at school (Which was awesome! We went to a Kroger Bakery, and got a lot of products!!)

Walk about 3 miles to get lunch (bad idea)

Go to class

and repeat the last one 3 more times..

Long busy day!

How was your day? Busy? Relaxing? 

Any running? Walking? Biking? Other? 

Let’s Try This Again


I am not good about this whole blog thing at all! But I want to be better!! I love to read blogs, but when thinking about writing my own… it. freaks. me. out.

So, I am going to start by not putting so much pressure on myself to write everyday, and just enjoy my life and post when I feel I need to post!

So some “new” news!

1. I am engaged!!! 

2. I signed up for my first marathon!

Can you guess which one?!

3. I graduate in the fall!! 

I think that about covers the main topics!

Side note: I will be writing more about my running/ exercise and maybe post a picture or two about food. Right now I am really experimenting with new ideas, so when these ideas actually turn out good… I will post 😉

Anyways, I became engaged this past holiday season, my fiance (so weird to still say!) is heading off to law school and moving south to Florida!! I couldn’t be happier!! We are not actually planning anything wedding related right now, we are just going day by day and will really plan after the law school is totally finalized! (a month or so!!)

Bruce graduating from OSU!! Going on to LAW SCHOOL!!

My fiance is not a really runner, but he wanted to picking  up running because he knows my passion for it, so we decided to go big or go home and signed up for a MARATHON! The Disney Marathon specifically, we are both  HUGE Disney fans!! So this will truly be a magical experience!!


Finally, I will be graduating from The Ohio State University in the fall with a B.S in Nutrition and Industry and a minor in business! I could not be happier! I love what I am doing, and I can’t wait to actually start a real job!

I think that is about it!

Off to study and do some bike riding on this BEAUTIFUL day!!

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