Put Me in Coach, I am NOT Ready to Play

Good morning!

How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was great, I did some biking, some softball, a long run and had a great father’s day.

So let’s get to it shall we!

I don’t play sports.

I love playing fun games, like spud, and kickball, and back yard baseball.

You know my love of running, biking, swimming, strength training. (I also LOVE golf [I played in high school :)] and tennis).

To me though, those are not “sports.”

That is just me being active.

However, my office thinks that I “play sports” and somehow I got recruited to play in a softball league this weekend.

I think I was more distraught over the fact that this was cutting into my long run rather than being nervous about hitting and catching a softball in front of girls and guys I went to high school with!

So instead of lacing of my running shoes Saturday morning, I laced up my really old Mizunno Wave Riders 14 and headed out to play some ball.

Of course I got put as a catcher, and of course we were guaranteed 3 games, and of course I looked like an idiot the first time I went up to bat.

But by the end, I ended up having a lot of fun, getting to 1st base a couple of times, getting to 3rd base once, and scoring once!

So to say the least after a 30 mile bike ride the day before, then the softball game on Saturday, my arms and legs were VERY sore for my long run on Sunday morning.

The plan was 9 miles.

9 miles got done. It was not pretty. It was nowhere near fun. And I had no “runners high” after the run.

Bruce and I stayed together most of the time so that was helpful. Especially the first 4.50 miles.

4.5-6 I was really flying, I had some Powerbar Energy gels, which really seemed to work.

But miles 6-7 were hard and scary.

I realized that I did not eat enough that morning. I ate at 6:30 am, started running at 8:15 am. My fuel however was portioned to the size of someone who was going to run in 30-45 minutes after eating.

And you can see from the time I was almost at 2 hours with no fuel.

First mistake right there.

So at mile 6 I knew right away what my issue was.

I started to get really hot, I felt like my blood was on fire. Then I switched to extremely cold.

I had no more fuel or water and Bruce was no where in sight.

I had to sit down and just do a couple of deep breaths.

Told myself, this is NOT a race. DO NOT beat yourself up! Be safe! But be strong becuase you are an athlete!

This helped me… ALOT.  And I was “ready” to go in about 10 minutes. Those last 3 miles were slooooow.

But I finished. When I got back to the car I busted out in to tears because of the sucky run/being scared/wishing Bruce there.

Bruce calmed me down. Got me a bunch of fluids and drove us home.

Thank God for Bruce.

The rest of the weekend involved eating, watching the US Open, and spending quality time with our fathers!

Even though that 1 mile of my long run was not great, I still think this was a great weekend!

Tonight I plan on riding 20-25 miles on the bike, doing some arm/leg stretches and just resting!

Have a great Monday!   

What are your exercise plans for today?!


When Fridays Feel More Like Mondays

Today was another one of those super busy days.

Up at 5:00.

Debate about going to the gym.

Bargain with myself,  “If you go to the gym, then you can get some cinnamon pita chips at school.”


It’s the little things in life:)

So made it to the gym.

The gym was good.

10 mile bike (long run tomorrow means gotta have fresh legs:)

20 minute arms and abs.


Rush home, eat, pack lunch, pack everything else, shower, run out the door.

I had a final this morning. I think I did good! 🙂 I always doubt myself.


Then the real fun started.

I got paid to go to school today!! How awesome is that?!

So today was the day when all of the students who are in the masters program for nutrition present their research. My boss was asked to be a judge, thus being her intern, I was able to go with her! Helping her out and following her around counted as work 🙂


Masters student who I helped, me, my boss. Mission Nutrition!

Side note: I helped one of the masters students in collecting research so I was mentioned in her presentation!

After the presentations I was able to study some. Boring.

So let us discuss tomorrows goals!

1. Just another 8 mile run.

2. Beat my 8 mile run time from last week (1:11:12).

3. Mentally do not give up at the half way point.

Does anyone do this? I have this really bad habit! 

4. Make sure to fuel better and not eat gels at random times

I think these goals are achievable tomorrow! What do you think?

Welp gotta get back to studying!

Have a wonderful evening!