Hello blogging world!

Like many bloggers, I got the itch to write the more and more blogs I followed.

One day I told myself, ” You’re an interesting person, I think you could write!” So I did my research, found ideas I loved, and eventually came to this place.

I thought a list would be most suitable to describe myself…

1. My name is Elizabeth

2. I am 22 years old

3. I am a senior at The Ohio State University

4. I am graduating with a degree in, get ready…. “Bachelor of Science from the College of Human Education and Ecology specializing in Nutrition and Industry with a business minor!”

5. I run (a lot)

6. Slightly obsessed with Walt Disney World!

7.  I love to cook and love to eat healthy foods

Yummy kale!!

8. I am vegetarian, however I do eat fish

9. I have dated my boyfriend (now fiance!) for 6 years!

10. I love to read!

Join me on my journey as I try to maintain weight and find that perfect balance in life! 


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