Start to the Weekend

Good morning!!

How was everyone’s week?

Mine was great!

I didn’t get in much running. Which I am super bummed about. But I did get in a lot of biking!

You know how they say.. “runners high”

I think I have “bikers high”!!

Man I have been loving this biking, I feel so free, and it is just so different compared to running.

On the bike I feel like I can go whatever speed I want, the heat does not bother me and I never really get tired or feel in pain after the ride.

So let us step back few days to Thursday.

I gave blood on Thursday. I was anemic for a very very long time. And I was never able to give blood. However before my anemia I was so for some random reason I thought I would “sign up.” All the while hoping I wouldn’t pass the first blood test when they check your iron.

Well I didn’t pass it. That was a sign right there.

She then asked if I wanted to test my other finger on my right hand.

“um.. sure?”

How would my iron level be different in one hand and not the other hand? Weird.

Anyways, I just went with it and my other hand passed?!?!

Got my blood taken.

5:43 minutes later and I was walking out the door.

Then I started to feel sick.

Stupidly I didn’t eat or drink anything.

Nothing sounded good at all.

So I ended up taking a half day which was good. My stomach was not stealer feeling at all and then the blood being taken was not the best.

Once I got home and ate some food and rested,I felt great!

And headed out for a 20 mile bike ride. Do you expect anything less 😉

Let’s get ready to ride! Don’t smile. It makes you look BA. Haha 🙂

So lets jump to Friday. When the real fun began!

I woke up at 5:00 am per usual.

Got ready to run at 5:30.

Stomach not feeling to great. And legs still sore!!

Ehh.. so what I will push through.

Well I didn’t.

I felt weak and tired.

So instead of the 6 miles which were planned. I walked 3 miles.

Thus giving me reason to ride in the afternoon!

We work 8-1 on Fridays so I was stoked to get out there.

Goal was 25 miles. It ended up being 28.

I was happy with that. The roads were basically major pot holes and very grainy. Still a great ride.

And the hills.

The hills deserve a post all for themself.

But I felt strong. And powerful.

And wonderful.

Such great feelings come out on the bike!! I love it!

After the 2 hour-long ride. Sun, wind and hills. My body was TIRED!!

But Bruce and I planned on going out. So we went to Whole Foods for dinner. And did a little shopping. It was a wonderful time, and a great way to start the weekend!

Happy couple:)

How did you start your weekend? 

Any fun weekend plans? 

Well I am off to play some softball.. more on that later 😉

Catch you on the flip side!


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