My 6 Mile Adventure!

Good Morning!!

Wow it has been busy in my neck of the woods!

Yesterday was my first day of work full-time and the day before (Monday) I had 2  finals!

But now that everything is basically back to normally so will my posting!

So where did I leave off?

Lets’s see..

Sunday.. no workout (Studying, and a final, yeah on a Sunday.. it was weird!)

Monday.. no workout until about 7:30 at night. Ah yes! This workout was crazy!

So after my test I decided I was going to go for my run in order to study more in the morning. (By the way, my running in the morning has been slacking, and I don’t like it! More on that in a bit).

So Monday I planned on running 6. It was at a trail known as Glacier Ridge. Let me give you a little background on this trail. If it is windy outside, don’t even try to run this trail. And if you’re not in the mood for a  hill workout, don’t run this trail!

Trying to capture a picture of the intense hill, while running…

Well Monday it was both windy, and I was not in the mood for running hills.

Another back story.. I thought I had forgotten my wallet at home, and had a limited food supply. I eventually found my wallet, once I made it to the trail. Which was not good because the last time I ate was 12 and I was running 6 miles and I am sure you can tell by 7:30 I was very hungry. But I STUPIDLY decided to run!

Runners.. we can be stupid at times.

So on top of improper fulling on my end, wind, and hills, I knew was going to be an interesting run.

Around here as well the sun starts to set around 8. Thus it was dusk when I started out, this is a kill factor in a few more sentences.

So let’s get to running!

I started the run, and right away I told myself “Oh my goodness, I am so hungry.”  And I don’t know about you but when I am hungry that is the only thing that I can think of. Everyone that knows me, realizes they don’t want to be around me when I am in this state!

So I tried to block this out of my head, because remember how I said that I have been mentally not doing well with running? (Check out this article about over coming mental barriers when running!)

So I continued on my way, then BAM! A deer! I almost smacked right into a deer!! I have NEVER been so close, it was so scary! I kinda screamed and ran backwards and then stopped. The deer just stared at me. That made me nervous. Then it turned around and left with some MORE deer!

To say the least that was one running experience I will never forget! So after that I continued on my way, and my first split was 8:20. I was pleased but realized that was probably to fast considering the conditions!

But I continued to run.

I ran a big a%&  hill which almost killed me. But I always tell myself, when you go up you must go down! That mantra normally works on hills for me.

By half way I was feeling good, and when I turned around the wind, of course was still in my face so mile 3-4 was a little slower (8:35) but then the rest of the way I was really booking it!

In the end with all of the conditions and events I felt pretty good with this run!

Yesterday was a biking day (10 miles) and some lifting, and now today I was supposed to run in the morning. Well that didn’t happen I was just a little too tired from staying up to watch, Concert for the Queen. So tonight I head out for either 5 or 6 I still have not decided yet.

Next week I start training for my August race (1/2 marathon).

I am trying to PR this race (1:45-1:40).

I love training! So I am super excited!

Have a wonderful day!

Has any one ever ran into an animal while running?

What is the longest you have ever gone with eating before a run? 

Today is national running day! How are you going to celebrate? 


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly @ My love affair with running
    Jun 06, 2012 @ 07:49:00

    Hills are so hard to photograph! I am centering national running day by an evening run at the beach. Let’s hope the rain in Sydney subsides 🙂 Great post!


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