When Fridays Feel More Like Mondays

Today was another one of those super busy days.

Up at 5:00.

Debate about going to the gym.

Bargain with myself,  “If you go to the gym, then you can get some cinnamon pita chips at school.”


It’s the little things in life:)

So made it to the gym.

The gym was good.

10 mile bike (long run tomorrow means gotta have fresh legs:)

20 minute arms and abs.


Rush home, eat, pack lunch, pack everything else, shower, run out the door.

I had a final this morning. I think I did good! 🙂 I always doubt myself.


Then the real fun started.

I got paid to go to school today!! How awesome is that?!

So today was the day when all of the students who are in the masters program for nutrition present their research. My boss was asked to be a judge, thus being her intern, I was able to go with her! Helping her out and following her around counted as work 🙂


Masters student who I helped, me, my boss. Mission Nutrition!

Side note: I helped one of the masters students in collecting research so I was mentioned in her presentation!

After the presentations I was able to study some. Boring.

So let us discuss tomorrows goals!

1. Just another 8 mile run.

2. Beat my 8 mile run time from last week (1:11:12).

3. Mentally do not give up at the half way point.

Does anyone do this? I have this really bad habit! 

4. Make sure to fuel better and not eat gels at random times

I think these goals are achievable tomorrow! What do you think?

Welp gotta get back to studying!

Have a wonderful evening!


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