Hunger, Routines, and How they Relate to Running

Good Afternoon!

I realize that I love food.

I realize that I stink at taking pictures of food.

I realize that I stink at describing my food.

However, I still love to talk about it!

This morning when I was prepping for my day, a thought came across my mind.

“Does my body signal hunger? Or is my body in a pattern of eating at certain times?”

I thought this would interesting to discuss, because as I have stated in my About page, I am a very healthy eater. I absolutely love food, but I enjoy food which is healthy, clean, and has a purpose for your body.

So when this thought entered my mind, I thought well..

7:00 am– Breakfast

12:00-12:30– Lunch

3:30-4:00– Snack

7:30– Dinner

9:00– Snack


That is really exact. This may seem boring or a lot of eating but 1) I have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar; it’s really bad). 2) I run

Okay back to my point…

The other day for example I was doing some work on my computer, I looked at the time, 4:05. My stomach was not making a noise. I didn’t feel hungry.

But after I thought all of this.

My stomach made a noise.

I felt hungry.


So basically from all of this thinking, I have concluded that the body does get into a routine just like our everyday life. We are routine type people. We like things a certain way. I feel that our bodies like things a certain way. If we have trained our body to be a certain way, it will work like clock-work most of the time.

I can relate this to running in many ways, and I am sure you can too. Training for a race takes preparation and a clock workroutine. The early morning runs, tempo, easy runs, speed work, all of these different elements are a routine in our training plans. There can be upsets, but most days we know what to expect.

So I think this answered my question!

Please expand!!

Have a wonderful evening!


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