Let’s Try This Again


I am not good about this whole blog thing at all! But I want to be better!! I love to read blogs, but when thinking about writing my own… it. freaks. me. out.

So, I am going to start by not putting so much pressure on myself to write everyday, and just enjoy my life and post when I feel I need to post!

So some “new” news!

1. I am engaged!!! 

2. I signed up for my first marathon!

Can you guess which one?!

3. I graduate in the fall!! 

I think that about covers the main topics!

Side note: I will be writing more about my running/ exercise and maybe post a picture or two about food. Right now I am really experimenting with new ideas, so when these ideas actually turn out good… I will post 😉

Anyways, I became engaged this past holiday season, my fiance (so weird to still say!) is heading off to law school and moving south to Florida!! I couldn’t be happier!! We are not actually planning anything wedding related right now, we are just going day by day and will really plan after the law school is totally finalized! (a month or so!!)

Bruce graduating from OSU!! Going on to LAW SCHOOL!!

My fiance is not a really runner, but he wanted to picking  up running because he knows my passion for it, so we decided to go big or go home and signed up for a MARATHON! The Disney Marathon specifically, we are both  HUGE Disney fans!! So this will truly be a magical experience!!


Finally, I will be graduating from The Ohio State University in the fall with a B.S in Nutrition and Industry and a minor in business! I could not be happier! I love what I am doing, and I can’t wait to actually start a real job!

I think that is about it!

Off to study and do some bike riding on this BEAUTIFUL day!!


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